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Bancaribe and SUPERATEC – CDI together to train the community

  For seven years, Chevron Venezuela has developed its Corporate Social Responsibility program thanks to the alliance established with SUPERATEC – CDI, through which it has provided more than 2.000 people from grassroots communities in Caracas and recently in Maracaibo, the opportunity to access technological, labor and human training, as well as facilities and support […]

Bancaribe and SUPERATEC – CDI together for the benefit of children and youth at social risk

The Bancaribe RSC Foundation, made the first installment of contributions to the initiatives developed by organizations geared to offer solidary support to the most vulnerable groups in our society. “This fund has been established in response to our philosophy of social commitment, which leads us to recognize and encourage the work of organizations working in […]

Proyecto SIETE: A training and entrepreneurship initiative for young people.

  With the aim of training young people in the popular areas of the Capital District, Aragua, Barinas, Falcón, Miranda and Vargas, SUPERATEC – CDI in alliance with the Telefónica Movistar Foundation, run the Proyecto Siete, which is intended to enhance the personal and technological skills of adolescents from these vulnerable communities, to help them […]

SUPERATEC – CDI certified more than 260 graduates of the metropolitan area

         In an emotional ceremony held in the theater of the Don Bosco School in Altamira, young people and adults from the training centers of Antímano, Catia, Maya, La Vega and Petare were certified for participating in SUPERATEC’s programs and courses. The graduates successfully completed the Entrepreneurship Program in Digital Editing and Technical […]

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